Cheesetronic Tools

Here you will find a bunch of audio apps for unix & compatibles intended for general use. Our goal is to provide the free software community with a set of professional-quality audio tools intended for music composing.

The CheeseTronic tools are written to take advantage of the advanced APIs available on unix and other systems, such as ALSA, Jack and LADSPA.


April 23, 2004- CheeseTracker 0.9.9 released!

New features include:

-New (still scons-based) build system, should be easier to use..

-Fixed OSS detection for REAL

-Disabled RtAudio, must reenable it at least for OSX, but that will be version 1.0.0

-All engine converted to floating point, may be a bit slower on pre p4/athlon computers, though a bit more accurate

-Old FX core deprecated, sorry, this wont load effects on pre-9.9 songs, though it will keep the routes.

-Added shift-f6, play pattern from cursor

-Added sample-being-played notification in sample screen.

-Fixed wave-loading bug, should work until i get libaudiofile working

-Fixed ugly bug in GXX introduced in 0.9.1

-More resamplers (FM/Cosine/Cubic Spline).

-Doubled filter range.

-Managed to reduce the source file size a bit

-NEW FILTERS!!! rewrote the filters, they are MUCH better now.. choose between lowpass/bandpass/hipass/notch

-New Effect: Multiband (6/10/21/31) equalizer.

-New effect!: Distortion (with many distortion modes)

-New effect! Pitch Shifter (not amazing, but very tweakeable)

-New effect! Stereo FX (kickass post-production helper)

-New bugs! report them please!


Oops! sorry for the HTML bugs, and thanks for reporting them.. I was away from the net since the release and couldnt fix them..


November 4, 2003- CheeseTracker 0.9.1 released!

No new features but.. critical bugfixes!

This version fixes a bug that will most likely corrupt the ITs you save!

Also, an OSX binary image.


October 29, 2003- CheeseTracker 0.9.0 released!

New features include:

-Removed sample mode (Scream Tracker 3 mode) as It’s obsolete and not needed for backwards compatibility.

-Instruments are now layered and can perform up to 4 simultaneous voices with individual parameters each.

-Added an effect buffers system. Instruments are now routed to custom buffers (each with individual effect chains), which can also re-route to other buffers. This allows to create very complex effect routes for realtime processing.

-Effect buffers are “process on demand”, which means they are smart enough to notice when they are doing nothing, thus disabling themselves.

-Added a few internal effects: Amplifier, Clipping/Distortion, Recursive Delay Line, Stereo Enhancer, Chorus and Reverb.

-Added a LADSPA effect source plugin. LADSPA plugins can be added to the chains.

-Improved features in the sample editor, including tunning helpers.   -Created new file formats that save all the new features: .CT (CheeseTracker Module) .CI (Cheesetracker Instrument) and .CS (CheeseTracker Sample).

-Added preview to the sample file selection box, just hilite a file and use your keyboard to play notes (/ and * work in there too).

-Readded JACK Driver (Kasper Souren).

-Added RTAUDIO driver, allows for porting to Win32/ASIO and OSX/CoreAudio.

-Fixed some big endian compatibility issues. CheeseTracker should work fine again on big endian machines.

-MacOSX port and build system/build fixes courtesy of Benjamin Reed.

-Fixed tons and tons of bugs.


AND NOW PLEASE READ: How fast CheeseTracker reaches version 1.0 depends on YOU. The focus of this version is STABILITY. Because of this, I need to receive as many bug reports as I can, both program and build system. If you find a bug, I’d be enormously grateful if you submit it. Even if it is an obvious bug to you, chances that other people will find and report the same bug are much smaller than what you may think. If you dont report a bug that annoys you, the chances of it reappearing in the next version will allways be higher.

Planned for 1.0.0:

-Rock Solid stability.

-WAV exporting.

-A hopefully working Windows port. This depends mainly on the Qt-Win32 project. If you are a good Windows programmer and would like to see CheeseTracker working in there sooner, please give those guys a hand!


June 23, 2003- CheeseTracker 0.8.0 released!

New features include:

-Total rewrite of the interface and half the core player engine.

-CheeseTracker now uses the Qt toolkit.

-Nicely featured sample editor.

-High amount of customization options.

-Interface improvements in nearly all aspects, it should be more userfriendly and intuitive.

-MDI support, many songs can be loaded and played together, for live performance or simply data exchange purposes.

-Dozens of bugfixes since 0.5.