This site was previously owned by Juan Linietsky who also probably referred to himself as reduz. he was a programmed as well as a music composer. Most of his programming work was for unixes  (linux/bsd/solaris/aix/irix). He also several audio apps which he used to compose music (chiptunes) and distributed them via the internet for free so as to aid other composers who wanted to use the apps to produce their music.

Below are some of his programming works

CheeseTracker: This is a portable Impulse Tracker clone which currently seems to work fine in most unixes.

ShakeTracker: A midi-tracker, probably the most advanced one you can find. It remanis true to IT effects and interface. Works in unixes and windows/

RX/Saturno: a fast Yamaha DX7 FM Synth emulator for ALSA.

Detailed information about his programming works as well as his music can be found below. I recovered this information from the wayback machine as he had previously published it and republished it as seen below.

I will continue to update the site with more fresh and interesting content about programming, and maybe a bit of web development and design as well as 3D development. So don’t fail to visit the site in future for more content.

Below are the posts that I recovered.